15 years later

Submitted by anna on Wed, 2006-11-15 11:26.

At the outset GreenNet was sustained using money from a consulting practice and grants. In its first few years, GreenNet became about 70% supported by user fees, with the remainder of support from private foundations. Today GreenNet is 100% supported by user fees for its basic operations, with additional funding received to support specific projects.

From its beginning, GreenNet worked with social change organizations, highlighting and providing training on the benefits of global networking. GreenNet’s work remains centered around creating awareness of the Internet as a vital tool for civil society. Aside from our services as an ethical ISP, we are currently working on various initiatives to help us do this more effectively, including:

GN Civil Society Internet Rights project aims to protect the rights of civil society to campaign on-line. This is part of an International APC Internet Rights initiative. GreenNet is also the base of the European arm of this project.

GN Action Apps – developed by APC members, these are simple, easy to use web publishing tools which help the sharing information across organisations and provide opportunities for dialogue, action and debate.

GN Women’s ICT training: A 2-year project, the GET IT centre is a training and access centre for women of Islington and nearby areas of Hackney and Camden. Part funded by the European Social Fund, the project developed from the work and experience of the APC WNSP.

Our Thanks The GreenNet collective would like to give our warmest thanks to all of our members who have kept us going - many of whom have stayed with us rather than go to a commercial provider. Funding of various projects allowed us to continue, diversify and broaden our ability to support civil society.

We are indebted to the volunteers and the many NGO’s we have worked with over the years, who have contributed both to the day to day GreenNet work and various projects.

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