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Part I: The Collective


aka Mimo – in his perfect world, every fridge is running Debian. He hates RedHat and camping. He’s Austrian and an enthusiastic collector of dirty cups.


As well as being a mother of two, she’s also become a mother for us, and we come to her with anything, and also blame her for everything.


No longer based in the office, Karen still supplies GreenNet with spiritual guidance whilst circumnavigating the globe, fighting the good fight for open access to ICTs.


Another one who keeps the population growing and us sane. Runs Linux on her desktop and never complains (about anything). She still keeps her chickens outside despite avian flu.


Our psychoanalyst on the phone, disguised as an IT support person. Most people call us towards the end of the week just to have a nice chat with her.


One of those most feared East Europeans who come to the UK to steal our jobs and women. And, as if that wasn’t enough, children too. Now back working remotely from Prague, although none of us are quite sure why. Prague v Shoreditch? No contest really.


A supporter of the Campaign for Real Ale, pioneer of no-cost peer-to-peer website mirroring and the only speaker of a properly accented British English in the office. He says his contribution to the revolution will mostly be childcare and proof-reading manifestos.


A self-proclaimed defender of APC dns and a US Latino-phile who's just getting over his jet lag since relocating from Mexico City a year ago. Thanks to Ian's obsessive compulsive behaviour around security, we're now so well locked up that not even the sysadmins can get into the server.


Following the strong performances given by former multi-talented billing people including (raver) Whit, (masseuse) Hattie and (accountant!?*#@!) Deepak, Howard came to us after years of running his own company in Sarf London and is also involved in all things musical, both classical and jazz. As an avant-garde percussionist, he is one of Britain's foremost players of the plastic bucket.


Our latest recruit whose hobbies include installing OpenOffice on people's computers when they are not looking, and holidaying in Palestine. Ana came to GreenNet after involvement with hacklabs and independent media journalism. When she is not answering GreenNet support calls, Ana is often to be seen the wrong (or right) side of a police barricade. The non-Spanish-speakers among us still can't pronounce her name quite right.

PART II: The Work


When we get bored, we move the office. This happens on average every year. On the left is the building we’ve been trying out in 2005. It’s getting a bit boring again…

Zero emissions

Despite the tough resistance of the management of the building, we manage to cycle through all the barriers, windy, sunny or snowy, always by bike.

Software Development

Developing ground (and back) breaking MLX (ActionApps MultiLanguage Extension) for Institue of War and Peace Reporting has resulted in the need to buy a dedicated server for it. We have been fighting this war for more than 2 years now, and still no report about us.


In 2005 Bob Geldof, GreenNet and ITeM joined forces to eliminate a great deal of world poverty through the hosting of another dedicated server. While Bono Vox was shouting the URL from the stage, interesting traffic spikes were happening just around about midnight...

Websites galore

Feeling a bit flat about our abortive attempts at making poverty history, we turned our attention back to what (we think) we do best - building websites for real networks... The Electronic Immigration Network, Capital and Class, European Social Forum 2004, Development Education Association, Development in Practice, Global Transparency Initiative, GeneWatch, Bristol Creatives, Fibre for Africa, the Fairtrade Foundation, to name but a few...

And websites to grow!

GreenNet's affordable DIY alternative to bespoke webdesign...
Small yet perfectly formed - Site seedlings for our users to grow. With a little care and a regular watering of content, we're hoping for a bumper crop of blooming sites next spring.

Bringing your politics to your desktop

Who said that the trouble with linux is the lack of support? Even Tux is proud to wear his GN t-shirt these days.
Thanks to Pangea for pointing us in the right direction, we're now providing bottomless linux training with on-going telephone support - you pay for one session and get the chance to come back for more as often as you like.

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Jagdish Parikh (not verified)

Dear Karen, Anna and others at GreenNet,

Congratulation and Happy 20th Birthday. I was lucky to be with you all on your 15th birthday. This time we will have to satisfy with sharing in spirit.

As they say Social changes don't come without perseverance. And I must say you all have proved that you have necessary dedication and staying power to lay solid foundation for using ICT for social change. I feel lucky to be part of your endeavour at some point in your journey during these twenty years.

I'm pretty sure that many of you will be around to celebrate twenty fifth anniversary. I also feel that social justice movements and others will continue to acknowledge your contributions.

Wishing you all the best. And hope that we will continue collaborate in all possible ways.

With greetings,
Jagdish, New York